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Another Girl In The Wall Update

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Such entertainment often attracts an audience. They are not particularly intricate, but they are very addictive. Yes, the game is drawn brightly, there are soapy colors, cute characters, all glamorous, in general, the girls will be happy. Here you can change the appearance, gender, clothes, accessories, hairstyle and much more, everyone can choose to your taste. As you level up, more items will unlock. You can also flirt with the characters and start some kind of relationship, you can also communicate with them on other topics, in general, whatever you want.

What made the app famous?

Another Girl In The Wall doesn’t have the mundane quests found in other sims. Your interaction with an immovable object turns into a real art. You can’t walk or pose, or even change location in the standard way. All the time you are in one point, and at the same time you need to diversify it all with improvised means. You do not enjoy the result, as in many other games. You can play exactly until you see the most beautiful girl. Well, or until you blind it yourself. She still won’t be able to object in any way, because she’s in such circumstances.

Several pitfalls

Nothing in Another Girl In The Wall is more attractive than a new look at such clickers. You don’t have levels or running between floors. You do not need to catch anything, let alone invent. You can only play where your little world is limited. And in it you will use only the little things available to you. Comb for creating a unique hairstyle. Pair of dresses and accessories. And that’s about it. From this, it becomes uncomfortable. Suitable for fans of outstanding puzzles. This is felt because you want more scope and privileges. And it’s not available. Therefore, you have to sculpt from what is.