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Another Girl In The Wall PC

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It is not easy to anticipate such a cycle of events in a game. Especially if there is no prototype of such entertainment. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of simulators are gathered around you in play spaces. But so far I have not met a single one where you control a helpless lady. She found herself in a strange situation, being chained to the wall. And now she can do nothing but obey you. In your arsenal there are several tasks to be completed.

Another Girl In The Wall is not only about complete obedience. It is also a test for your tastes. What can you dress up an immobilized lady? Which style suits you best? You can experiment with this look until you decide to release it.

What is such pleasure worth?

Sometimes the game requires unnecessary nerves and concentration. It is not easy to look at a locked in an uncomfortable posture of a person. But on the other hand, it becomes interesting to play when she changes emotions. She rejoices when you put beautiful outfits on her. Or upset when you turn her into a guinea pig.

Nothing can surprise users more than the possibilities of this application. All control buttons are located on the main screen at once. You do not need to be distracted by trifles. You can participate in this interactive clicker immediately after entering. Look around and see the possibilities. Try in turn all the new clothes for the girl. Stop at the option that you like the most. And don’t forget to dress her up nicely before being released.