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Another Girl In The Wall Full Game

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The game is very interesting. Just a huge number of cool things in the wardrobe: dresses, various blouses, sweaters, trousers, skirts, very beautiful shoes and jewelry. The story is thought out to the smallest detail. All such toys are built according to the same principle, and of course at some point they get bored. BUT Another Girl In The Wall deftly distracts us from the monotonous game mechanics with various decorations.

You will be surprised by the many gaming options. We must pay tribute to the developers, every moment and every detail is perfected. Fashion lovers and ardent fans of fashion will find with pleasure for themselves an extensive and constantly expanding range of collections of fashion houses. Here you have the opportunity to feel like on a real podium. Only the upper part of the model is visible.

What is hidden under the mask of the heroine’s joy?

This is somewhat reminiscent of the famous “Sims”, only here your character, like a robot, must constantly obey in order to be saved. The tasks are different, then you have to change your image, then somehow communicate with the heroine. But she’s just Another Girl In The Wall. And you can do whatever you want, but she is unlikely to budge.

She tries her best to get out. And while she did not succeed – create your own interactive clicker. Test all the buttons on her while she is locked up. The game is like a psychological trick in which you are a mad scientist. And you are experimenting on an innocent girl. She can’t lean – and you love it. I want to immediately press all the buttons and see what happens in the end.

A small but very thoughtful arena for entertainment. The central character constantly requires your attention. And as long as you have the desire to have fun with her, she will be more fun. But do not forget about the second girl. She also sticks out of the wall and craves companionship. Make sure you pay attention to both. And then both of them will be released and you will have friends. A small pandora’s box hidden in the wall.