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Another Girl In The Wall

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Let’s start with physics – don’t expect you to move around in space here. No, the locations will certainly change, your character will simply remain motionless (except for the movement of the shoulders and some facial expressions). You will be like in a drawn world, your character is cut out of paper and simply put on cardboard scenery, that’s all. And all actions are performed by clicking on certain parts of the screen, that’s all, there is nothing more moving here.

Why then the application is of interest?

No dialogues, plot inserts, background, plots for you… There is not even an opportunity to select notes from which one could understand at least something! The player is simply given control of the character, without explaining anything and without setting any goals for him. Due to this, and due to the fact that the game was quite a success, the gaming community has concocted several versions of what happens in Another Girl In The Wall.

No matter how important the backstory is, it is important to understand what should be done and how to play further. Before you there is a set of buttons that you can use. With their help, interaction with your main character will take place. In the face of the main characters, you will meet two beautiful young ladies. As the name implies, each of them is stuck in the wall. For some reason, the girls couldn’t get out on their own and need your help.

How to turn this game into an attempt at entertainment and relaxation is up to you. You can enjoy creating a look for this young lady. And you can look at her face and how her emotions change. But do not forget that she is still alive and she has needs. How will you manage her emotional state so that she does not burst into tears?

How to free the prisoner?

A whole series of manipulations awaits her release in Another Girl In The Wall. What kind of game tried to distract from the main task in a peculiar way, the girl still wants to be free. But how can you free her from the stone structure? So, after all, in this application there is a share of the mystery that you will try to solve. How long will it take you to free the prisoner from the shackles? Start the rescue operation immediately while this girl is still in a happy mood. Do not slow down your search for answers to sensitive questions. The girl every time less and less wants to wear the outfits that you offer her. A good experience is to be in complete isolation from movement.