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Another Girl In The Wall 2

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Artificial intelligence, which made a real sensation among the gaming community. You will be able to play as a nondescript girl in anime style, who is stuck in one of the walls. How she got there and why she got there, you will not find answers to these questions. Now you need to decide how to play with this lady.

What kind of entertainment are we talking about?

Another Girl In The Wall offers multiple entertainment options in one location. You will find several buttons at once. Each of them performs its function. Will you be comfortable – of course. But will the main character be comfortable? She will wear different outfits from different styles.

She will smile sweetly and giggle. But just think about how a person feels at this moment? How clumsy and helpless is a person who has been deprived of the most important thing. And no, it’s not even an opportunity to think. It’s the ability to move. And without this skill, a person seems to be a useless creature. The panic mood that arises at the sight of this is brightened up by the fact that the story was created in a very cheerful atmosphere. It does not depress anything, except for philosophical reflections.

What can you see?

Only one location. And she is not too rich in details. But if we start talking about graphics, then we can once again encounter a phenomenon. The bottom line is that a game that is completely nondescript at first glance, the picture in which is deliberately simplified or due to the limited resources of developers, can make a BOOM in the gaming industry. She appeared enriching her creators and giving the players another creation.

Returning to Another Girl In The Wall will not be shameful even ten years after its release. The world has no bright details and is made in the form of silhouettes. Photorealistic? Forget! All you see here are shadows painted in shades of colors. This approach to the graphic component allowed the developers to concoct a game almost on their knees, which from the very first minutes impresses with its atmosphere. Yes, this is hopelessness, despondency and loneliness, but these are emotions! And it is emotions that should be caused by all those things that are directly related to culture and creativity.