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Deep Space: Your Waifu

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The story is very addictive, especially for males. This story has several parts. 2D graphics, the plot is of course small, about 12 levels, but believe me, it is simply impossible to pass them at the most difficult level. The essence is simple, score a certain number of points to get a good result.

To distract the player, the developers came up with one trick. In the background, there is a picture of a woman (or girl) that can be undressed, causing damage to certain areas. This makes it harder to pass. All decorations are made in the retro style of the 80s-90s only in the future.

Here the character, the bear-king, is looking for a girl for comfort, through an application on the phone, reminiscent of a tinder. Deep Space: Your Waifu on your way to your dates, you will be hindered by aliens with bosses. They will kill you in every possible way, but the bear has 10 lives (attempts) to get to the lady.