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Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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The emotions that ladies feel from love often lead to rash acts. A girl from high school also fell into the clutches of this dynamic feeling. These demonic tricks are now placed by the girl herself throughout the school. She took a liking to the boy Senpai, who is quite cute on his own.

Well, just as he is cute to her, he is cute to many other girls from school. And this lady’s sense of ownership cannot be destroyed. Therefore, she decides to take the most unimaginable steps to save her relationship.

She becomes a real beast among these people. And many of them will be fleshed out by life in the truest sense of the word for rash acts. What will happen to them and how will this young lady want to deal with them? Teachers – These are the only people that the main character of the game is afraid of. Next to them, she feels cautious, and therefore acts on the sly.